Phillipe Sadjah

My fellow Kenyans and young people,

As John. C. Maxwell puts it, everything rises and fall on leadership, we the Youth have been yearning for a leadership that can resonate with our challenges and that can offer practical solutions. We have largely remained marginalized and unrecognized as we endeavor to bring transformation and meaningful change in our country. I believe that we can rise to inspire and bring the desired change. This year, the Youth Agenda is offering a chance to bring out the leaders within us. We present to you our annual Top35Under35 Awards, the first ever youth awards in Kenya. 

This award is an initiative that feeds to all YAA core areas: The Youth Engagement in Leadership and Governance, The Youth Economic Empowerment, The Gender Advocacy and Development  programmes as well as strengthening our Knowledge Development Management aspect. The award is part of a larger Youth Agenda’s Vision to establish the Youth Agenda Leadership Centre (YALE) which is running virtually. For more information please visit our website;

We intend to award a total of 35 persons aged 34 years and below, 17 of them being either male or female. These 35 youth will come from 15 various categories as outlined in and will undergo a six months mentorship/apprenticeship on leadership and service. These 35 youth will later be assigned between three to five mentees from across the country for virtual and physical mentorship opportunities. We have also included ten awards opportunities for corporates, organizations, County governments and National government where young people will vote for their preferred entities. This section of awards is meant to strike a conversation and rethink at how intuitions, companies and governments begin to appreciate, involve and engage young people.

I welcome all to join, participate, partner plus support the 2020 Top35Under35 Awards and Expo which will take place on the 12th August 2020 during the International Youth Day. I urge us  to combine our efforts in involving, engaging youth and to “Making the Youth Factor Count”